What would our Universe look like from the fourth dimension?

Our Universe, as we can perceive, has three spatial dimensions and one temporal dimension. Humans are three dimensional beings. Objects in 3D space have different lengths, different heights and different widths. Certain theories in physics suggest that our universe may have additional higher dimensions. Humans, being three dimensional organisms, cannot sense or perceive these dimensions.

To get a rough idea about dimensions, let us start with a point. A point has zero dimensions i.e. it does not have any length, height or width. To enter the first dimension, extrude the point in any direction you want- you get a line. A line has only one dimension i.e. length. Now, to enter the second dimension, extrude the line in a direction perpendicular to the original direction- you get a plane. To enter the third dimension, extrude the plane in a direction perpendicular to the original two directions- you get a cube. 

A cube is a 3D object because it has a length, height and a width. Now, to enter the fourth dimension, extrude the cube in a direction perpendicular to the original three directions. When you do this, you get a TESSERACT. A tesseract is four dimensional object but we cannot see it because we’re entrapped in a three dimensional world. However, we can imagine what the projection of a tesseract in a three dimensional space would look like. Check below:

3D projection of a tesseract (Image: Jason Hise/Wikimedia Commons)

To know more about the fourth dimension, watch this short video:

Now, lets get back to the main question: What would our Universe look like from the fourth dimension?

To understand this, let us first imagine a two dimensional universe with two dimensional beings living in it. These beings would have their senses limited to two dimensions only i.e. they would have no idea that humans exist. They would find it difficult to imagine the third dimension for the same reason why we find it difficult to imagine the fourth dimension.

Since you belong to the higher dimension, you can easily interfere with their world. Consider a paper sheet with a circle drawn on it (circle is a 2D object). Next, draw many dots inside this circle. You can easily see what lies inside the circle. In fact, you can even erase these dots or play with them in any way you want. If the dots were movable, you could even take them out from the sheet and the two dimensional beings would have no idea how this was possible.

4D beings would be able to do exactly the same things with our universe. These beings would have the ability to see what lies inside objects in our 3D universe. They can easily see each and every organ inside your body. In fact, they can even pull these organs out without having to penetrate your skin (for the same reason why you were able to play with the dots inside the circle without having to penetrate it).

Seeing our universe from the fourth dimension would be interesting. Not only will you be able to see organs inside the human body but also you would see Earth’s molten core or possibly even the inside of a black hole.

In a four dimensional universe (with four spatial dimensions), the planet orbits would become unstable because they will have to obey the inverse cube law instead of the inverse square law for stable orbits. Also, a chair would need more number of legs to stand by itself in a 4D universe.

Would you like to see our Universe from the fourth dimension?

Cover Image Credit: NASA/CXC/M. Weiss


29 thoughts on “What would our Universe look like from the fourth dimension?

    1. since Gravity is a conservative force, the integral of the Gravitational potential over the four dimensional space must be zero. This will be satisfied only when the Gravity follows the inverse cube law. And about the chair, the chair in a four dimensional space would rest on a 3D surface, so it would need more legs! Hope it helped 🙂

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  1. How was projection of a tesseract imagined ,what kind of operator/stimulation eqns or mathematical tools were used??


  2. You know according to many theories…. Soul exist in a 3D body…. But think for a while, what if its 4D or higher…. Thus we can’t see it.A also we can see this world… But it will need some hard work, meditate make yr brain capable to it. It will work….


  3. This is Ming bending!
    By the way I think that our eye is a 3D simulater so even technology grows to view in 4D still our brain tries to convert it to 3D…


  4. Well explained!
    Will you make detailed article about diamensions , how many of them are present ,(like string theory requires 10 diamension, so what are those 10 diamension) founded till a date?


    1. None of the higher dimensions are found in practice. They are only theorized till date. But experiments are going on to find it for example in Geneva in the LHC ( large hadron collider) they are collding subatomic particles in near light speed, this experiment was basically to find new subatomic particle but according to string theory these higher dimensions are all around us but they are curled up so very small we can see them, so if some energy is lost or vanished during the collision it can probably be an indicator of higher dimensions. Hope this helped.


      1. I know this article is old but according to this, you’re saying we can affect higher dimensions? If data is lost because it breaks that wall, then that means theoretically we can send a message.


  5. Can you make an image of our solar system or humans from the 4th dimension perspective like the way you did with the tessaract?


  6. So i suppose that a 4d being would sort of see us like a flat piece of paper just as we see 2d objects. I have a question: in 1d there is length, in 2d now width is added and now there’s AREA, and in 3d now height is added and there’s area and VOLUME, so in 4d what is added?


    1. positive infinite, through negative infinite. Imagine a sphere collapsing, to a singularity, then beginning to expand, with all of its values inverted, on the opposite side of a planal barrier that we, as 3 dimensional beings, cannot perceive. In layv inward and outward are added.


  7. however, in a 4 dimensional world, according to the inverse sphere concept, the chair would need no legs at all. Being as gravity would have a value of zero, and numerous directions woukd hold the same values as up, or down do, in our 3 dimensional plane of existence.


  8. The 4th dimensional beings and their powers you’ve described, describes exactly one specific kind of beings.


    It’s extremely reminiscent of their capabilities described in Islam; your article looks like a scientific explanation of how Jinn interacts with our world.

    You’ve mentioned just as one of examples from this article, that we can’t see 4th dimensional beings but they can see us and manipulate us as we’d manipulating beings and objects on the 2D surface.

    Exactly like a Jinn.

    I’m only wondering what kind of technology would 4D beings have if they would have need for it and how advanced or less than our 3D tech?

    Thank You very much for this article.


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