The brightest star ‘Sirius’ will disappear for 1.8 seconds tonight

Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, might disappear momentarily from the night sky on 18th February, Monday. There’s a high probability that the asteroid 4388 Jurgenstock will occult Sirius for about 1.8 seconds.

Sirius is a binary star and shines at an apparent magnitude of -1.46. For comparison, Venus shines at a magnitude of -4.2. On the other hand, asteroid 4388 Jurgenstock shines at a magnitude of +17 (invisible to the naked human eye).

On 18 February between 09:11 pm PST and 09:27 pm PST there’s a good chance that the asteroid will pass directly in front of Sirius. The apparent size of Sirius is 0.006″ and that of asteroid 4388 Jurgenstock is 0.005″ plus or minus some error.

This means Sirius might not vanish completely. However, it would still dim significantly and you would not want to miss this event.

Sirius shining brightly in the night sky

This particular event will be visible from southern parts of Chile and Argentina, Central America and the Caribbean and would be visible to the naked eye. So make sure, you don’t miss it!


4 thoughts on “The brightest star ‘Sirius’ will disappear for 1.8 seconds tonight

  1. No. It will not be seen from India. Not even complete Chile, Argentia, America… It is similar to Total solar eclipse, and will be seen on specific band of few kilometers wide

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